Veal, Poultry & Seafood

For traditional Italian cuisine in The Rocks

Caminetto offers the perfect setting in which to savour all of your favourite Italian dishes. Our experienced chefs will prepare your meal using locally sourced produce to ensure the ultimate flavour and freshness. Experience a truly unique ambience and a fantastic central location in The Rocks. Make Caminetto your next stop for delicious Italian cuisine in a historic atmosphere.
Veal nut steak

Carne • Veal

Thinly sliced dusted veal nut steak cooked with extra virgin olive oil, braised in white wine prepared in the regional Italian styles.

Saltimbocca alla Romana $34.90
Thinly sliced dusted veal nut steak cooked with extra virgin olive oil and cover with Parma ham fontina cheese, fresh sage and fresh Italian herbs flavoured.

Scaloppine al Funghi $34.90
Thinly Sliced dusted veal nut steak cooked with extra virgin olive oil, touch of garlic, white wine and creamy mushroom sauce.

All veal dishes are served with fresh garden vegetables.

Pollami • Chicken

Pollo Saltimbocca  $33.90
Chicken breast filet cooked with extra virgin olive oil , touch of garlic in Napoletana sauce, topped with bocconcini, fresh basil, white wine and prosciutto crudo.

Pollo Parmegiana $33.90
Pan fried chicken breast filet toast with sundried tomato Italian herbs, white wine sauce on a bed of grilled eggplant and provolone cheese.

Tasty pollami poultry

Pesce • Seafood

All seafood dishes are served with salad and fries (excluding Mussel Napoletana)

Salmon (Salmone) $33.90
Grilled Atlantic Salmon fish served with Italian garden salad, golden beer battered chips and hollandaise sauce.

Risotto alla Pescatora $36.90
Arborio Rice cooked with King Prawns, Mussels, Oysters, Calamari, Chunk of Perch and Octopus in tomato sauce.

Barramundi alla Griglia $36.90
Grilled whole Barramundi fish, Served with Salad and golden beer battered chips.

Grilled King Prawn (Gamberoni alla Griglia) $36.90
Grilled 6 large Local King Prawns in extra virgin olive oil with fresh Herbs, Lemon Juice and Olive oil. Served with Garden salad and golden beer battered chips.

Fish and Chips $27.90
Deep-Fried Battered Perch Fillet served with golden beer battered chips.

Prawn Cutlets(Cotoletta di Gamberi) ** $35.90
Deep fried 8 crumbed prawns cutlet served with salad, golden beer battered chips.

Panko Calamari Rings(Anelli di Panko Calamari) $32.90
Deep fried 8 tender rings of crumbed deep sea squid served with Italian garden salad, beer battered fries with tomato and tartare sauce. 

Fresh Mussel Napolitana (Cozze fresche Napolitana) $34.90
Tasmanian fresh large mussels infused with touch of chilli, shallot, parsley braised with white wine in a rich napoletana sauce. 

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